Singer, Know Thy Voice!

The voice is an acoustic instrument. Like a fine Steinway or Stradivarius, your sound results from the basic tone produced by the actuator (the vocal folds in this case) being enhanced by resonating inside a box (the throat and head cavities). The instrument should be built to optimize the resonance that will give the finished tone warmth, projection, and beauty well as your unique timbre. This comes through thoughtful and systematic training. We must understand the workings of our instrument to get the most mileage from it.

Nonclassical singing does rely on amplification but that should not mean that singers shouldn’t develop their natural tone to its optimal level before stepping to the mic. A pianist will know the spectrum of tonal qualities she can get from her axe through sheer technical facility and musicianship without the crutch of gadgets. We singers should have the same standard. Singers, we need to drop the quick fix mentality and commit to excellence and mastery on our instrument. Whether you sing opera, pop, metal, Latin jazz, R&B, hip-hop, country, or blues shouldn’t matter. MASTER YOUR VOICE!! Let’s not let technology keep us mediocre!!!

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