The World NEEDS Your Song

Yes!!! This is so inspiring and true.

Petersen Voice Studio

Wherever you are in the world, and no matter the style of music you love to sing – the world needs your song.

Your voice is the only one of its kind in the whole world. Throughout all of time for millions of years, the particular sound of your voice has never existed before this moment in time. The universe has NEVER HEARD your voice. Your voice is the flower of an amazing human evolution.

What a shame it would be to not share and develop that with a caring and sympathetic teacher. Or share it in a church choir, or a classroom, or a hospital room, or a senior living center.

One of the saddest occurrences to me in life has been those wonderful singers I’ve worked with who have stopped singing for some reason or another: the ‘career’ didn’t work out, kids came along, other interests vied for…

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So What Am I?- Voice Classification

It is commonplace for a new student to come in for voice lessons wondering to which voice type he or she belongs. Some clients self-identify with the choral part they have sung in high school, college, or church. Many times, a singer’s sense of self-worth is attached to the vocal fach, with the higher classifications being thought to be the ‘better’ ones. There is  much misunderstanding and confusion concerning the topic so I decided to give share some insight and clarity with this new video. Find out what elements play a part in assigning a category to a voice (it’s not JUST about range, by the way). ENJOY!!!