Developing Your Vocal Style

The goal of every singer should be to establish that unique, singular quality that sets him apart from the rest of the pack. Though the development of good vocal technique is crucially important, its purpose should be to facilitate free access to your artistic ideas. The process of mining the elements that make you a one of a kind singer should not be rushed taken lightly. 

In the following video, I will share ideas to help in developing your own particular style. 


Background Vocals- The Soul Behind The Stars

I love, love, LOVE background singing and background  singers!!! I think it is a fine art in and of itself. I have always been drawn to the sounds that vocally support the lead vocal. Those singers are the ultimate vocal athletes. I have found as much inspiration in my craft from them as from the stars they have supported.

Check out my latest video blog (because saying ‘vlog’ is still strange to me) where I talk about my passion for backing vocals and the necessary skills to be successful in that career path.