Your Voice is Enough

This really gets to the heart of the matter- finding your unique gift and boldly sharing it with the world.

Petersen Voice Studio

Modern ideas of vocal training are too heavily weighted with sophistication. They lose sight of the fact that singing is a purely natural function of the voice, and that Nature is a reliable guide in the performance of every natural act. Owing to this sophisticated view of the voice, present systems have opposed themselves to that which is natural and instinctive. A feeling of distrust is exhibited toward Nature, and this feeling can be removed only when the purely instinctive scheme of vocal control is under stood. Along with the problem of vocal management Nature has furnished us with a complete solution of the problem.

Taylor, David C. “New Light on the Old Italian Method.” (1916).

The ‘unspoken’ theme for the month of September in my studio has been ‘Finding Your Authentic Voice.’

What is an authentic voice?

An authentic voice is a voice that is free to express itself in music, unfettered by ideas of how…

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