Can You Feel It?- The Meaning Behind The Words

Hey everybody!!!

In my work as a voice teacher, I largely work with people on developing  healthy and dependable vocal technique so they can sing their material without undue strain and fatigue. It’s hard to deliver a song at your best when you’re fighting with your own instrument. Good technique, though, is not where the work ends. Remember, it is supposed to help us communicate more freely but not be the sole focus. Our principal job as singers is to relay the message in our songs to our listeners. Whether we are singing a love song or belting out a jingle about the best fast food chain, we have got to make the audience believe the words coming out of our mouths. But are we doing the work that it takes to make that happen? Do we know what the lyrics mean to us? How will the audience buy in if we haven’t done so?

In this new video, I share ideas for getting into the words yourself and finding meaning in them. When you can do that, you can truly connect with the listener and have a shared experience. That’s really what music is supposed to be about, after all.

ENJOY!!! Keep singin’!!!

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