The ‘NG’ Exercise

Happy Summer!!!

The ‘ng’ sound is a quite useful tool in training the singing voice. It aids in establishing a good adduction of the vocal folds while allowing the singer to experience good nasal resonance (not to be confused with nasality, which is a topic for another day). For some, exercising on this sound may also help in keeping the tongue from pulling too far back in the mouth while ascending their vocal range.

Like the lip trill and fricative warmups I covered in the preceding posts, the ‘ng’ is a semi-occluded sound. They are all created with two places of closure within the vocal tract- one being the vocal folds and the other being some combination of lips, tongue, or the roof of the mouth. There is a positive energy boost to the folds in this setup that aids in good adduction and an easy, consistent flow of air. They are also useful as cooldowns after a lot of vocal activity.

Try using the ‘ng’ sound on the various patterns I demonstrate in this new video, being mindful to keep the tip of the tongue right behind the lower front teeth as the back of the tongue raises towards the roof of the mouth. Pay attention to the buzzy sensations in the mask area- that nasal resonance is good for you.


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