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BAM!! POW!! HI!! : The Singing/Speech Connection- Part 2

Hello….and Happy Spring!!!

Here is the video with demonstrations and further explanations of the exercises I introduced in my last post. Remember to warm up before trying them out. ENJOY!!!

Be on the lookout for my “UNLEASH YOUR VOICE” vocal exercise series coming very soon.

Head Voice vs Falsetto

Among singers, choral directors, and even voice teachers, there remains some confusion as it concerns terminology for the upper register of the human voice. Often, the terms ‘head voice ‘ and ‘falsetto’ are treated like synonyms. Some teachers and writers have purported that men have falsetto and women do not. In my teaching, I often find myself clarifying the terms that students have often heard tossed around.

In this video, I giveĀ  simplified scientific explanations of head voice and falsetto and why they are NOT the same. I hope that you find this useful and gain more clarity that will help you to develop a balanced approach to a connected mix voice.