Word of Mouth

“Earl has been a longtime student and apprentice of mine. Not only is he an excellent singer, but also a passionate, intelligent teacher who has really studied the craft of vocal pedagogy and knows how to impart it on his students. He is also a quality person. I highly recommend Earl as a teacher.”

Randy Buescher, noted Chicago voice teacher and therapist, http://www.yourtruevoicestudio.com

“Although I only studied with Earl for a few weeks, I learned a lot about the voice. A few years prior to meeting Earl, I experienced a physical trauma that had left my voice permanently altered. There seemed to be a physical change (a hindrance in the alignment of my body and within my throat) that prevented me from singing as I used to.

Any attempts to find my voice again led to strain and pain, and a lot of heartache. So I sought help from Mr. Harville. In less than a month, I had already noticed a significant improvement in my voice. I sang with less tension and more ease. Unfortunately, I had to stop lessons because of personal commitments, but I hope to continue lessons with Earl as soon as I am able. I highly recommend Earl Harville for anyone who is serious about improving their voice and musicality.”

Jocelyn Ferraer


“Earl has a reservoir of musical knowledge that comes from his passion for music, his education, and his experience studying under industry-renowned Randy Buescher for 8 years. Not only is Earl a proven teacher, but his vocal ability is a gift. I had the pleasure of hearing Earl sing as part of a worship team during a conference in January 2009 and he was amazing! Earl has also contributed his knowledge and experience to the community by being part of LBCreative! – a collaborative community of Catalyst comprised of local artists and organizations working together to strengthen arts and culture in Long Beach. He has been an invaluable resource in the creative communities.”

Eric Leocadio , founder, Catalyst Network of Communities http://www.gocatalyst.org


“Earl is a wonderful voice coach! His passion for teaching and music comes through in every lesson. He really loves what he does. I grew so much as a singer while studying with Earl. The exercises he taught me have made my voice stronger than I ever thought it could be. Earl’s exercises are what I use every day to maintain a healthy singing voice.”

Lauren Foulk


“I would like to say that Earl Harville of Harville Vocal Studio is an exceptional teacher. Earl is the only vocal teacher that was able to show me how to navigate through my bridges and give me exercises to improve on my overall range. He also explains the different mechanisms with these techniques. I had previous teachers that just told me, “just do this and that.” Earl is a breath of fresh air and it shows in my performance and confidence. I am so glad that our paths crossed.”

Bei-La Ray

“I was very skeptical of anyone’s ability to teach me to sing correctly. I saw the website, glanced at the faces of the instructors and Earl’s eyes caught my attention. I am so thankful to him for his support and patience. My confidence is building and my desire to develop my voice has been encouraged by Earl’s manor of teaching. If you are looking  for down to earth and innovative methods of learning to sing…call on Earl Harville. Truly one of a kind! Thanks Earl”

Brenda Stinson


“Earl has been a great vocal coach and mentor. I have been a student of his for almost 2 years. Shortly after starting lessons with Earl, I suffered a hemorrhage on my left vocal chord and had nodules. The doctors were recommending surgery but I was against it. Earl helped me nurse my vocal chords back tohealth one week at a time with the various vocal exercises. I did not have to have surgery and my voice is now strong and healthy! I have learned many excellent vocal techniques and Earl had extensive knowledge as to why these exercises and techniques work. He tailors your lessons to the goals you have set and works hard to get the results you are looking for. He comes highly recommended if you are serious about taking your voice to the next level. I am a vocal athlete because of Earl Harville!!!”

Baneika Holyfield


“Working with Earl has been a great asset to my life and very beneficial. I studied with him for about 9 months and it was in preparation for my college auditions. Each school had a different song repertoire from classical, jazz, pop, and theatrical. I knew that if I studied with Earl, that I would be well prepared for my auditions, and I sure was.

While working with Earl, I noticed a tremendous increase within my vocal ability in just the first few weeks. There are so many little things that as singers we don’t even know, unless we have the proper instructor to inform us. Earl has a strong musical background and is very knowledgeable in this field. I strongly encourage you to study with Earl. He works at your pace and helps with whatever you need help with. By working with Earl, my vocal range has expanded, stage presence is more confident, voice is more full, and overall musicianship skills have increased. I am now a music performance major at the University of Indianapolis and am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Earl Harville.

Job well done!!!”

Michelle Velez


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